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Butterfly Baby Shower Invites: Recomendation for Online Invitation Card Store

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-08-06 07:33:40.

Throwing baby shower with butterfly themed shower is really beautiful. Now this is your time to get your butterfly baby shower invites. So Where to buy butterfly baby shower invites? Well I already browse through google, and I find this three interesting online store for butterfly baby shower invites;

Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations from Zazzle

Butterfly Baby Shower Invites by Zazzle

Butterfly Baby Shower Invites by Zazzle

Do you ever visit Zazzle? This site is quiet famous recently, when you search for baby shower invitation cards, this site will appear in the first page google result. They promote their site aggressively and it make their online invitation card store have a good position in Google result.  You can try browse this site to get many sample and design for butterfly baby shower invites. This site offer online and customized butterfly baby shower, the price ranged from $1.5 per invites and if you buy in bulk, the price will be discounted up to $0.6 per invites.

Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations from TinyPrints

This is a well-known online baby shower invitation store. Every online shopper will recognize this site. Try to search butterfly baby shower invitation on your search engine and you will find this site in the first three position in search result, but surprisingly after I browse this site, I can’t find any butterfly baby shower invitation design! Anyway, you can find other invitation design, and you can buy this baby shower invitation cards as low as $0.70 per invites

Butterfly Baby Shower Invitation from Etsy

Homemade Butterfly Baby Shower Invites by Etsy

Homemade Butterfly Baby Shower Invites by Etsy

This site also have a good position in search engine. They also offer online and customized baby shower invitation cards. The butterfly design is really cute compared to other online baby shower store. The best thing is you can order homemade butterfly baby shower invitation cards here! You can have this homemade butterfly baby shower invitation cards for $2.25 each invitation.

Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations for Saving Your Budget

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-24 22:35:48.

You are able to make your own baby shower invitations if you intend to save some money in conducting your baby shower party. It is so challenging as well. However, if you have got the idea, that will be easier. Your challenge here is finding the idea, right? You can go to some websites about baby shower invitations to get the inspirations. You are able to find the ideas from the magazines. Here are two ideas if you intend to make your own baby shower invitations.

Cloth Shaped Idea to Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

By designing the invitation card by yourself, you are able to try any idea that you want to make your own baby shower invitations. You can also adjust with your own preference. Cloth shaped idea will be so cute for your invitation. For the color, you can match it with the gender of your baby. You just need to prepare pink buffalo paper. After that, make a pattern of cloth. You are able to combine it with polka dot paper which the colors are black and white to your own baby shower invitations ideas.

Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

Wallet Shaped Idea to Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

Another idea make your own baby shower invitations that you are able to apply is wallet shaped. That idea is really cute and perfect. People like choose pink or blue for the baby shower. If you want something different, you are able to choose yellow. This invitation shape is like a wallet. Combine the color with white. For the ornament, you can choose a small duck made of flannel.

If you intend to implement one of those ideas given but you do not know where you can buy the materials, you are able to buy the materials in online shops which sell DIY product. It is so fun to make your own baby shower invitations.

Make Squash Baby Food from Butternut Squash

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-11-09 09:09:08.

Make squash baby food if you haven’t ever tried it. It’s super easy and has a lot of benefit on the nutrition side. There are lots of squash types you can use, but we choose butternut squash because of several reasons: its size is not too big or too small so you can make lots of them at once but not too much, it looks great, it has a good consistency to it and it’s naturally sweet. It’s also a great first food for babies, unlike the summer squash types which is more suitable for babies older than 8 months-old.

Why do you choose to make squash baby food?

 We love to make squash baby food for a lot of reasons. First of all, it is super easy to make. It’s also full of nutrition that babies of early age especially needs, like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and beta carotene. Babies are known to love the taste, and if there are leftovers, adults can eat them too.

How to Make Squash Baby Food

First of all, to make squash baby food you need to clean the butternut thoroughly, except if you want to peel the skin before you cook it. If you’re like me and find the skinning too hard, though, then scrub and clean the skin really well. The next thing to do would be to cut off the ends and cut the squash in the middle, lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds, and then prepare a baking tray. Fill the baking tray with a little water, ¼ inch would be enough. Put the squash halves with flat side down and bake it on 350-375 for 45 minutes.

 Make Squash Baby Food

After it’s done, scoop out the squash flesh. Adults or elder kids can eat the scooped out baked flesh as it is, but if your baby’s still too young, then it’s better to continue to the next step. Pour all the flesh into a food processor; add a little bit of water and process it for about half a minute. Let it cool off before you move them to the container of your choosing, don’t forget to refrigerate or freeze them for keeping. That is how you make squash baby food.

Universal Baby Shower Gift: Gift Certificate!

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-08 15:40:55.

What is the most useful gift at baby shower? You can be very frustrated to find the most useful baby shower gift, and even more when you know that your gift is just so so gift that could be not used by the hosts. If the expecting mother have a baby gift registry, your job can be easier, you can find what kind of baby product that the expecting mother needed. If the expecting mother don’t have baby gift registry than you must ask to make sure that you will have useful gift for her, sometime asking the hosts is just quiet disturbing.

So how to select the perfect gift for the baby shower hosts? Will if you still wondering and keep asking in your mind about the wonderful gift, but you just stuck there, I have a good idea for you. Why you are not let the expecting mother to buy what she need by herself? What you have to do is just give a baby gift certificate. Giving money inside your baby shower gift box is just not polite, but if you give her one or two pieces of baby gift certificate from your favorite or famous branded store, than the condition is different. I believe that the expecting mother will be happy if many of her guests at her baby shower party shower her with baby gift certificate, this is mean that she can choose the gift by herself.

Sometime the baby gift is just as what she need, but it could be not the same with what she wants. You can give her very niche baby shoes, but the expecting mother can be does not really like with the color of the brand. Of course she will say thank you for the gift on her baby shower thank you cards, but you don’t know if your gift will be used often.

To make sure that your gift will be used, than baby gift certificate is the best option, especially if you don’t really close with the expecting mother so you don’t know what she likes and what she wants. Let her buy her own favorite baby shower gift with your baby gift certificate. Baby gift certificate is the perfect baby shower gift if you really have no idea about it.


Baby Shower Bear Theme: Get This Unique Idea

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-08-04 14:04:10.

One of the great and unique ideas that you can consider for your baby shower is the baby shower bear theme. This theme of baby shower can be applied to baby boys or baby girls or even for twins. The great thing about this theme is that you can do a combination of natural theme with the baby shower bear theme decorations with a little bit of modern touch of decoration so it won’t look too dull or boring. The key to apply this theme for your baby shower is to get as creative as you can and mix it with the girly style or boyish style and that depends on your baby.

Getting the decorations for baby shower bear theme is also not as hard as you think. If you want to do all of the decorations all by yourself, you can try combining loads of simple decorations until looks as perfect as you want. You can get the decorations from loads of different baby shower decoration stores near your area. Just remember that the main decoration for this theme is to have the bear decoration and you can also use the cute bear decoration as the centerpieces.

Baby Shower Bear Theme

The Gifts for a Baby Shower Bear Theme

Talking about the baby shower bear theme gifts means we can talk about the gifts from the guests or the thank you gifts like a souvenir for the guests. Either way, the gifts for this theme are quite fun. If we’re talking about the gifts from the guests, then it’s including giving a teddy bear or baby clothes that have the cute baby bear design in it. You can also give the special handmade gifts for the baby shower bear theme.

The gifts can also be about the gifts that are being given as the thank you gifts or souvenir to the guests. You can choose to give the simple keychain, a cute and simple mug, etc. You can also use the wrapping paper with the bear theme to wrap the gifts for the guests of your baby shower bear theme.

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