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Unique Birth Announcement Theme Ideas

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-08-07 07:33:07.

Birth announcement will sent once in your baby’s life time, so make sure you send the most outstanding birth announcement design. With your great birth announcement design, your friends and also other family member who receive your announcement cards will be exciting to welcome your lovely baby to this world.
To create great birth announcement design, the first thing to find is your baby birth announcement theme ideas. Decorating your cards with baby toys, teddy bear or baby blocks is common embellishments for baby birth announcements, you can use your imagination to get other unique theme design for your announcement cards.
Okay, I will give you some samples of birth announcement theme for your consideration, I hope this theme will tickle your brain to get more great birth announcement idea!

Garden Themed Birth Announcement

You can use a beautiful garden image and accessories for your baby birth announcement. Garden always beautiful and fresh, just like your baby! You can add beautiful flowers and butterfly with your smiling baby face in the center of your garden themed card.

Baby Birth Announcement Beach Theme

This is a good option for parents who love beach. Beach is beautiful, peace and symbol of new hope. I found this idea from amazon. The merchant sell this announcement card for $3.00, you can buy it there, or you can use this idea to create your own homemade beach themed birth announcement cards.

Occasional Themed Birth Announcement

When you want to send your birth announcement close to some big holiday party, you can use the moment for your baby birth announcement theme. Halloween themed birth announcement and Christmas themed birth announcement is the most perfect moments to announce your baby birth to all your friends and family members.

Sport Themed Baby Birth Announcement

I like this theme, we can use any baby sport clothes and accessories like hat and sleeves for your new baby, this wearing will make your baby look very cute and sporty. You can use your favorites sport accessories like baseball, tennis racquets, sport shoes and other tools for your illustration surrounding your sporty baby photo! That would be a great baby birth announcement card!

Baby brith announcement theme ideas

Baby brith announcement theme ideas

Baby Shower Boy Budget Theme to Choose

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-08-08 15:19:55.

Baby shower boy budget theme should be defined at first. It is since a theme will affects decorations that you will set in the party. There are many themes that you are able to choose to create a fun baby shower party. First of all, you have to know whether you want to tell information about the gender of your baby to your guests or not. If you want to do that, you can start choosing the color and decorations for baby shower boy budget theme ideas.

Pink is really perfect for a baby girl. Then, if you have a baby boy, blue can be representative for that. For the decorations, you can adjust those with your budget. Here are two examples of baby shower boy budget theme that you can select for your party. The examples are blue party baby shower boy budget theme 2012 and also animal in the jungle.

Baby Shower Boy Budget Theme: Blue Party

There are many blues that you can set in the venue where you hold the party. You can combine Tosca, baby blue, or cyan. Put something white to make the colors of baby shower boy budget theme livelier. What things do you set with blue? You are able to start with centerpieces. Then, move to the cake. Choose a baby shower cake with blue decorations. You can also wear a blue outfit to make the party more blue.

baby shower boy budget theme

Baby Shower Boy Budget Theme: Animal in the Jungle

Another idea for the baby shower theme is animal in the jungle. Some animals in the jungle are able to present manly personality. You can set some dolls of jungle animals such as lion, tiger, elephant, crocodile, and giraffe as decorations and centerpieces in the party. For the cake, you can also use animal cake decorations. Candles with animal shape for the cake will be good doe your baby shower boy budget theme.

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-06-12 13:23:07.

Now, this time is for baby shower cakes for boys. Do you have any ideas about the gift that you want to give for baby shower invitation especially for celebrate or welcome a baby boys?

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys: The Ideas

Well there are many ideas about baby shower for boys. But, whatever the baby shower theme prepared by moms to be, baby shower cakes for boys always match with any theme. This is because we can decorate the cake to suit with any baby shower theme.

Theme for baby shower for boys is wider. Winnie the Pooh, animals, cars, trains, sport, cartoons and baby toys are the common theme for baby shower for boys. Baby shower cakes can be matched will those even all baby shower for boys theme.

baby shower cake for boys Elmo Cookie Monster

Baby Shower Cake for Boys Elmo Cookie Monster

The word cakes are not always for edible cakes. If you want to make a long lasting baby shower gift, you can create baby shower cakes for boys by using any baby’s stuff like diapers, cloths, towel, blanket and arranged just like a cake.

Off course you can also make a real baby shower cakes, because this is a welcome party for baby, everybody love to enjoy delicious cake, especially if this is baby shower cakes.

The most important thing is that this gift must well prepare and the appearance looks beautiful. If you can’t create this baby shower cake alone, than leaving this baby shower cake gift to your favorite’s bakery shop is the best choice. All bakery shop can create baby shower cakes because this is the common cake that we can order just like birthday cakes, wedding cakes and other anniversary cakes. They will have many samples about baby shower cakes, but still you can ask for special baby shower cake theme if you are not satisfied with their theme.

For non edible baby shower cakes, you can buy this cake from your favorite’s baby’s shop. Usually baby shops are not just selling baby stuffs like diapers, cloth, toys and other baby equipments. But they also can create baby shower cakes from any kind of baby’s properties. So you don’t have to worry, just spent awhile in the baby’s shop and you can have your baby shower cakes in few minutes.

So how about the baby shower cakes for boy’s idea? Usually baby shower have a special theme, than this theme also need special baby gift that match with the theme. When you already choose baby shower cakes as your gift, than finding the unique baby cakes theme is the harder think. Well, in this post, I just want to give you some Ideas about baby shower cakes for boys in pictures.

Below are some samples of baby shower cakes for boys for your consideration.

Baby Shower cake for boys Ane Gedde

Baby Shower Cake for Boys Ane Gedde

Baby Shower Cake for Boys Animal Safari

Baby Shower Cake for Boys Animal Safari

Two Tier Round Baby Shower Cake for Boys

Two Tier Round Baby Shower Cake for Boys

Baby Shower Cake for Boys Complete Baby Gift Package

Baby Shower Cake for Boys Complete Baby Gift Package

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys Twin Baby in the Pea

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys Twin Baby in the Pea

Baby Shower Cake for Boys Made from Diapers

Baby Shower Cake for Boys Made from Diapers

Birth Announcement Wording on Cards for Your Ideas

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-26 20:05:35.

Announcing the birth of your newborn baby on cards means you have to think about the birth announcement wording as well. It is important because you want people to remember the birth announcement that you give them. With that being said, whilst choosing the cards, you should also think about the right wordings to put on the cards that represent you and your style. When you have the perfect wording on the card, the people who received the card won’t be thinking that it’s just the card, but they will actually read it all and will also feel the joy and happiness that you are feeling.

How to Choose the Colors for Birth Announcement Wording

One of the things about choosing the birth announcement wording to put on the cards is the color you want to wear for the wording. Usually the choosing of the birth announcement wording colors depends on some things. The first thing that you need to pay attention to is actually the birth announcement wording fonts. Knowing the fonts you are going to use for the wording will help you to choose the right color that goes well with the fonts.

The next thing that is also one of the deciding factors for choosing the color of birth announcement wording is the style and the color of the card. By knowing the style and the color of the cards, you will be able to choose the right color that matches well with the wording that you’ve already chosen. Don’t be afraid to do the mix and match of the style and color so you will get the best one that you like.

Birth Announcement Wording

Choosing the Birth Announcement Wording

When choosing the wording for the birth announcement to put on the cards, sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming because you want it to be perfect and all the wordings sound so awesome. Well, a little tip for you is to choose the wording that means a lot to both you and your partner. The other tip is in choosing the birth announcement wording is to add your signature in it so the wording will represent you.

Baby Shower Favors: Cheap and Homemade

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-13 17:08:30.

Baby shower favors do not have to be expensive. You just have to make something that can last longer in memory of the guests. Keep in mind that you can make the favors by yourself. It means that you do not have to buy or order it in the store, which can be expensive. There are many things that you can apply as the ideas of your homemade favors. All you have to do is just making sure that you have the certain skill needed to make the favors. The thing is you have to be as creative as possible.

Baby Shower Favors: the Cookie

This is actually the simple baby shower favors. You just have to make the cookies means you have to have the skill of making cookies. Right after that, you can prepare the paper cloth as many as possible. Take one piece of the paper cloth and fold it as creative as possible until it forms like a diaper. After you have made it, you just have to insert the cookies into the “diaper”. Diaper cookie is one of baby shower favors cheap that you can apply. If you are on a tight budget, this can be the best choice offering uniqueness.

Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favors: Soap and Candy

The other baby shower favors you can apply are soap and candy. If you choose soap, you should buy or make a tiny bar or soap. After that, make sure you wrap it as creative as possible. You can use ribbons or cutouts of plastic in the wrapper as baby shower favors homemade.

Candy can also be useful in the favor. You just have to make the impressive wrappers to the candies. Or, you can add some M&M’s upon the box of a candy and wrap it all together. Make sure you tie the card containing your baby’s name and picture. It will be one of the best baby shower favors.

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