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Baby Shower Food Ideas for Summer and the Examples

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-18 18:52:20.

Baby shower food ideas for summer should be fresh and cold. That is since the day will be hot. So, you need to prepare foods and beverages which are able to kick out the thirst of your guest. You will be interested in doing that. However, as a mom to be, you should have to choose healthy food. Do not involve craps and junk foods for the foods that you have to prepare. Well, here are two examples for baby shower food ideas for summer 2012.

Baby Shower Food Ideas for Summer: Tea Sandwiches

In some countries, this food is included into traditional food for baby shower food ideas for summer season. However, some different countries make the food with different ingredients. You are able to add chives and also cream cheese. If you do not like chives and cream cheese, you can change those foods with Muenster cheese and roast beef. Cucumber and peanut butter are also added for tea sandwiches. For the protein, you can put turkey. Cheddar and cherry tomatoes are also great to be served in the food. That is full of vegetables and fruits. It is undeniable that tea sandwiches are really perfect for baby shower food ideas for summer.

Baby Shower Food Ideas for Summer

Baby Shower Food Ideas for Summer: Something Cold and Fresh

Summer is hot. You need accommodate your guests with something cold and fresh baby shower food ideas for summer. You are able to provide fresh and cold beverages such as lemonade, ice cream, iced tea, iced smoothies. Those drinks are able to kick out thirst of your guests. In addition, those drinks are great to be combined with chicken grille or barbeque. You are able to conduct barbeque party outside the room for the food.

For healthy foods, you had better to choose salads. This food is so light and really healthy. Besides, there are many types of salads such as Chinese chicken salads, Caesar salads, and other vegetable salads. If you want to bring fruity things, fruit salad is a brilliant choice for baby shower food ideas for summer.

cheap baby shower decoration ideas

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-06-17 13:22:06.

Every expecting mothers to be can have baby shower to welcome their born to be baby even if you have low budget to held baby shower. But you must do your home work to get the idea how to decorate your place in a smart way so you can have a good baby shower decoration just like others without spending to much money. In this article I will give you several ideas about how to use cheap ornaments to decorate your baby shower room. This is your time to celebrate, don’t let your low budget hold you share your happiness to all of your friends and family members in this very special moment.. your baby shower!

I bet that if you want to celebrate your baby shower time, you must love this moments and I presume that you also already attended several baby shower party before. Remember all of those celebration, than you can gather all the idea about how to create cheap decoration for your baby shower. You can mix different idea from different baby shower time that you already joined, there must be a lot of ideas from there, you can just mix and match it with your baby shower theme like change the color or change the shape. Remember every detail, and you will find that actually you don’t have to spent much money to create your baby shower decoration.

Below I will give you several cheap baby shower decoration ideas, I hope this view ideas will sparkling your brain to get another brilliant ideas about your baby shower decorations.

Use Streamer. Streamer have many bright color, by creating streamer lines in the wall you can easily make your room more beautiful.  Combining  streamer line with banner is also brilliant. You can create banner with any word you like: IT’S A BOY, BABY SHOWER, etc.

Cheap Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Streamers

Cheap Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Streamers

Use your diapers for diapers cake. You can use your diapers to create diapers cake, and you can use this diapers cake as a centerpieces, combining with your streamer and banners decoration, you can create a beautiful and eye catching baby shower centerpieces decoration .

Cheap Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Diapers Cake

Cheap Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Diapers Cake

Paper puffs also a good ideas. You can create flower and hang it in your ceiling. Choose the bright and colorful paper puffs and you can easily make a very beautiful decorations.

Cheap Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Paper Puffs

Cheap Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Paper Puffs

Ribbon Topiary. If you already use paper puffs to create flowers and hang it on the ceiling, you also can create flower using ribbon topiary and put it on a vas, you can place this beautiful flowers in the dinning table.

Cheap Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Ribbon Topiary

Cheap Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Ribbon Topiary


Paper puffs, streamers and ribbon topiary have a big visual effect to make your room more fun.

Baby Shower Clothesline Tips for Decorations

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-08-09 07:32:38.

Baby shower clothesline is able to be a main decoration idea for your baby shower party.  This idea is such a limitless decoration to apply. If you are interested in this idea, you are able to start preparing many baby clothes by now. To create balanced harmony, you had better arrange the clothesline based on the color. If you arrange the clothes based on the color properly, the room will be amazing.

There are some decorations that are usually used by people for baby shower. Those are baby shower clothesline, diaper cake, and baby cloth cake. Those decorations are always applied in many baby shower parties. To make the ideas different from others, you are able to give some creativity touches. Here are some tips to make the baby shower clothesline decoration more modern.

Tips for Baby Shower Clothesline: Have To Be Creative

Creativity is a mother of greatness. If you want to bring something great, you have to be creative. You are able to start with the centerpieces. You can hang on some baby clothes in some spots of the place for applying baby shower clothesline ideas. To make it more unique, you can put a letter on each cloth to make ‘BABY BOY’ or ‘BABY GIRL’. It is really easy to apply. However, if you want to save your budget, you are able to make the banner with baby shower clothesline idea instead of using real baby clothes.

For other ideas, you can apply the clothesline motive for your invitation cards and baby shower favors. That is really cute, right?

Baby Shower Clothesline

Tips for Baby Shower Clothesline: Define the Shop Where to Buy It

Besides being creative in designing baby shower clothesline ideas, you also have to define where you have to buy the accessories. There should be many shops that you can go to get the baby shower clothesline theme. You can go to the shop one by one. However, if you do not want to go out, you are able to buy the theme in some online shops. That is more practical and simpler compared to going around from shop to shop.

The important tips to consider are dealing with your capability. You have to make some adjustment in planning your budget. Do not ever be overwhelmed in preparing the party. You should keep thinking about the money that you have prepared for baby shower clothesline.

How To Create Your Best Adorable Baby Shower Invitation

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-08-02 08:25:46.

Adorable baby shower invitation is the key to make your guest really want to come to your baby shower party. Your invitation cards is the first impression about how fun is your baby shower party should be that your guest can get after read your invitation. This baby shower invitation is the representation of you and your baby shower moment, so make your best kick to impress your guest by creating the most adorable baby shower invitation cards.

Creating this invitation cards will need your imagination and your creativity to get the best baby shower invitation ideas. I cannot teach you how to be creative, but I can help you to explore your imagination to get the best baby shower invitation ideas.

Remember that your invitation contain all information about your baby shower party. So do not only write about the date, time, place where to attend your baby shower party. Make sure you add your best description about your adorable baby shower theme in a funny way to make sure that at the first time your guest read your invitation, they will imagine how great is your baby shower party!

The difficult  task is how to get the words to describe your adorable baby shower. You already plan your best baby shower, already prepare all decoration, food, centerpieces and all activity during your baby shower times, all is in your head, but you just can’t find the words for baby shower invitation.

How To Create Your Best Adorable Baby Shower Invitation

How To Create Your Best Adorable Baby Shower Invitation

Well, to open your mind and get better idea about baby shower invitation wording, I will give you some wording that I can get from other sources. I hope this wording sample can help you to get better wording ideas;

Tea parties, baby dolls and dress up clothes
This time it’s a girl with ribbons and bows! Join us for a Baby Shower honoring
Given with love by NAMES


It’s A Baby Shower!
Bottles and booties, diapers and pins
this is where the love begins!
have a baby on the way
so we’re throwing them a shower
before the big day.


Cocktails, Cradles and Holiday Cheer
Soon Baby NAME will be here!
Join us for a Holiday Baby Shower
Hosted with love by:
NAME is registered at PLACE


Jump ropes, swings and teddy bears,
pretty ribbons for her hair,

Giggles, hugs and love to share,
A precious baby girl is almost here!


Baby smiles and giggles galore
Erica and Bryan
are having one more
Big Brother Name has plenty to share,
This is only a “sprinkle” to show
that we care
Please join us to celebrate before the
little one is due and share in their joy
of baby number two!


Baby Shower Food Ideas for a Surprised Baby’s Gender

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-11-26 12:35:12.

Baby shower is one of the grateful ceremony for mom to be; thus, they are likely to find the baby shower food ideas. Baby shower can be used to express your grateful for having the baby later. Hence, you want to make this ceremony very special. Moreover, this ceremony is usually done when you have already known the gender of the baby. Nevertheless, some parents are likely to have surprised. That is why they do not want to know the gender of the baby. If you are a kind of these parents, what you should do for creating the ceremony especially for the food planning.

Baby Shower Food Ideas: Pick the Delicious Deserts

Since you like the surprised, you choose to know the baby’s gender after birthing. Still, you want to hold the baby shower. However, you still do not know the gender. You can create the atmosphere with the neutral color like orange or yellow. Thus, one of the baby shower food ideas for deserts is orange cream mini cheesecakes. This cake will bring you and the guest in cheerfulness. Besides, your guests will be satisfied with this dessert because it tastes very light and fresh as well.

Baby Shower Food Ideas: Making the Dessert Recipe

Everyone always loves dessert time. Therefore, it is good for you to concern with the dessert. Previously, you have picked one desert recipe, orange cream mini cheesecake as the baby shower food ideas. Then, you have to start the preparation. Since you are the mom to be, you should ask help from others. You should prepare the stuff and the ingredients. The ingredients are 8 pieces mini sugar cookies, 1 package no bake cheesecake dessert mix, 1.5 cups milk, 2 table-spoons orange zest, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and whipped cream for garnish. This preparation takes 15 minutes. Then, you can mix all ingredients and pour the dough into the bowl. The last step, you refrigerate it for about one hour.

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Having ceremony like baby shower always brings the cheerful atmosphere among the people and family particularly if you like the surprise for the baby’s gender. Therefore, you should prepare it in detail including the desserts because everyone likes the desserts. Moreover, one of the baby shower food ideas for deserts is orange cream mini cheesecakes. Have a nice cooking.

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