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Candy Centerpieces for Baby Shower for the Cute Decoration

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-27 16:03:27.

Having the candy centerpieces for baby shower as one of the decorations for your baby shower will make it look even cuter and more fun. Loads of people think that having the candy centerpieces decoration for a baby shower is a very fun idea for both baby boys and baby girls. This is actually a very simple and easy decoration because whether it’s a baby boy or the baby girl, the candies that you use are usually the same. But if you want to have the different candy like the colors, that’s also fine and will still be acceptable.

Where to Put the Candy Centerpieces for Baby Shower

There are loads of ideas on where you can put the candy centerpieces for baby shower. But first of all, you should know some of the factors that might affect your decision on where to put the candy centerpieces that you have chosen. First, you should think about the venue, the theme and also the tables and the seating that have been arranged. Knowing all of these will help you to give the idea on where to put the decoration like the candy lollipop centerpieces for baby shower.

You can also put the candy centerpieces for baby shower on the table of the guests. You can choose to put one with the big bouquet in the middle or you can put a few of the small bouquets in the middle. Another idea is that you can put it on the dessert table. When you put it on a dessert table, it will be easier for the guests to just take the candy as one of their desserts.

Candy Centerpieces for Baby Shower

Choosing the Bouquets for Candy Centerpieces for Baby Shower

It is actually not that hard choosing the candy bouquets centerpieces for baby shower. The main thing that you should know is what kind of candy and how many candies you want to put as the center pieces decoration. If you want to keep it simple, you can choose the big ones, and if you want to have different varieties for the candies, you can choose the small bouquets. Choose the cute and fun bouquets for your candy centerpieces for baby shower decoration.

Classy Baby Shower Décor for Any Theme

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-08-08 15:22:50.

Conducting a baby shower party demands you to define a classy baby shower décor. Before planning what decorations you are going to set in the party, you had better choose the theme first. Everybody knows that selecting a theme is the most frustrating thing in planning the party. If you do not want to waste your time just for finding an appropriate theme, you can choose classy baby shower decor ideas that can be set in any theme. Photographs, white rose, and candles are perfect for that mission. Here is some information to assure you that those decorations will be so wonderful to be set in your party.

Classy Baby Shower Décor for Any Theme: Photographs

You can set photographs in any theme. No matter what gender your baby is, photographs will be good classy baby shower décor for the party. If you hold the party before the baby is born, you are able to set your photo with your baby bump and your husband. You can set that as a baby shower centerpiece. You can also set 3D or 4D ultrasound photos of your baby in uterus.  If you hold the party after the baby is born, you can set your cute baby photos taken from different angle as classy baby shower decoration.

Classy baby shower decor

Classy Baby Shower Décor for Any Theme: White Rose and Candles

White rose and candles are also great to be set in any theme of baby shower party. Those decorations will give romantic touch in the venue. You can set white rose in some corners of the room. For the candles, you can choose baby shaped candles for a classy baby shower décor. That is pretty good, right?You can make the roses a crown. Then, put on your head. That is really wonderful to apply as classy baby shower décor.

Baby Shower Cake Toppers for the Beautiful Decoration for the Baby Shower Cake

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-14 16:33:09.

Baby shower cake toppers area about numerous toppings for the baby shower cake, the toppings can also about the name of the baby and the beautiful decorations for the cake which usually made from creams and icings. So, when you are about to purchase the baby shower cake, which you should need to realize, is about the baby shower cake toppings because the toppings can also carry the wonderful message and meanings for the baby.

Looking for the Baby Shower Cake Toppers

When you are about to find out the best type of baby shower cake toppers, what you should really need to pay attention is about the toppings, because the toppings are about the beautiful decorations of baby shower cake which can surely give the wonderful look for the cake itself. The toppers can be about the baby picture, baby’s name or also other beautiful decorations, when you feel so confuse about the baby shower cake toppings, then you can surely take a look at the baby shower cake toppers examples.

Baby Shower Cake Toppers

Find Out the Best Type of Baby Shower Cake Toppers

It is really important for you to take a look at the baby shower cake toppers before you are about to purchase the baby shower cake because usually the cake will not so beautiful without the wonderful creation for the toppings, that’s why it is really important for you to find out the wonderful cake toppers to make the wonderful creation for the baby shower cake, you can also looking at the baby shower cake toppers designs which usually provided by the cake makers.

So, what are you waiting for? when you are about to held the special baby shower party, then you should also need to think about the beautiful baby shower cake, even the cake will also plays the important role in the baby shower event, that’s why you should also need to check out the baby shower cake toppers.

Baby Shower Fun Games for Your Party

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-09 14:59:45.

Baby shower fun games are played to reflect the joy of the mom-to-be and all of the guests. They are designed to be simple but memorable and meaningful. There are a number of baby shower fun games ideas for you. Some of them are traditional games that have been played since our grandma’s era. The idea is still the same. The games are carried out to express the happiness of the family and guests to welcome the new baby born. Baby shower games can be played individually or in groups of some people. Therefore when planning the games, consider the number of guests you invite and what properties you need to do the games. There is no need to think about complicated games. The most important thing to think about is whether the games you choose can be enjoyed by all of the guests. Guests prefer to easy and simple baby shower fun games to play.

Baby Shower Fun Games: Taste and Guess the Baby Foods

One of the popular baby shower fun games is to taste and guess the baby foods. Here the host must prepare a number of jars; each jar is filled with different baby foods such as cereals, milk, certain veggies that have been blended, etc.

As the name implies, baby shower fun games must make all of the guests feel fun but the game is also should be challenging. To guess the baby foods, the guests’ eyes are covered and they are asked to taste some different foods. Then, they should guess the name of the foods. The one who can guess more numbers of foods correctly is awarded a prize.

baby shower fun games

Baby Shower Fun Games: Baby’s Time Capsule

For more serious games, in the baby shower invitation, ask the guests to bring particular thing to the party that symbolize their hope to the baby. For example if the mom-to-be are going to have a baby girl, the guest can bring a lipstick with a hope that the baby will grow as a beautiful girl. Collect the items in a bottle so someday when it is opened, it will remind the baby shower time. Make sure that special gifts are prepared for the guests to appreciate their involvement in the baby shower fun games.

Baby Shower

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-06-30 13:17:10.

Baby shower time!
This is the perfect moment for you to throw baby shower with your lovely friends and family member. So what you should do to throw your baby shower?

Baby Shower, Baby Shower Ettiquette, baby shower ideas, baby shower party, baby shower moments

Baby Shower

1. First thing to do is to choose baby shower theme. Choosing baby shower theme will make your preparation easier. You can set up your decoration, your invitation cards, your food, baby shower games and the last is what you want to give as baby shower favor. There are many famous baby shower theme for your reference, choosing to unique theme is not recommended because some of your guest can feel uncomfortable with your theme. Choose common theme will make your baby shower more acceptable to your guests.
2. After you choose your baby shower theme, decide how much guests that you want for your baby shower party. Small baby shower party with less than ten person is ok, but you can also make a big baby shower party also great. Many expecting mother want to have small baby shower party because this party can be hold on their home, so they don’t have to go anywhere.
3. Choose your time. Plan the time carefully. Usually baby shower will be hold at the last three month of pregnancy, but some expecting mother want to have their baby shower after delivery. All option is OK, you can have your baby shower before and after delivery.
4. Select your baby shower invitation cards. If you just want to throw small group baby shower, handmade baby shower invitation is just great. You can create unique, crafty and personalized baby shower invitation. If you plan to throw big baby shower party, you can buy customized photo baby shower invitation card or you can create online virtual customized photo baby shower invitation card and send the virtual card using your email, Facebook or twitter.
5. Decorating your baby shower room. This is could be the busiest moment. You need more hand to help you decorate your room and table. If you already choose your theme, this part will be easier. First think to do is to create your baby shower centerpieces. Centerpieces will steal your guest attention. If you already finish with this centerpieces, you can continue with other place like your dinner table and the last is your wall and ceiling.
6. Baby shower food. Yes, no party without food. You can choose food that match with your theme. For general, you can serve fruits, candies, cupcakes, finger food or soup.
7. What about the baby shower favor? This is the way you appreciate your guests because they already spend their time to join your baby shower time. Give favors that will make your guest remember with your happy moment. Personalized favor with your printed or labeled baby shower time and date is just perfect. You can give them salt and pepper shaker, photo or note holder, mug, candle holder glass, all with your printed label there.
8. This could be your last think to Prepare, sending them your thank you card. Although you already give your guest baby shower favor, sending baby shower thank you cards will make your guest appreciate you, and they will not hesitate to come to your party again next time. Remember, you will still have your first, second, third baby birthday party or you could be throw another baby shower party? Make sure they will come again by sending them your adorable baby shower thank you card.

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