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Baby Shower Fruit Centerpiece for Summer Baby Shower

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-26 23:54:11.

Baby shower fruit centerpiece is coming back again after years. You are able to apply this idea if you want to bring something old in this modern era. The centerpiece will be so decorative and functional. It will beautify the room where you conduct your baby shower. Then, your guests are able to eat it. In addition, baby shower fruit centerpiece ideas are pretty great for summer baby shower. That will freshen the hot day in summer. So, the summer will be cooler with it.

Are you really interested in baby shower fruit centerpiece 2012? If you are interested in bringing fresh fruit into your baby shower party, you need to take into account on some points. You have to be careful in choosing the fruits and other considerations. Well, here is some information dealing with the baby shower fruit centerpiece for summer baby shower.

Baby Shower Fruit Centerpiece: Shape Options

Deciding what shape you want to present for baby shower fruit centerpiece you take will affect to the decoration of the room. Beautiful shapes will give decorative ambience in the room. You are able to choose carriage, basket, or even a crib. Those are able to be made from fruits. If your baby is a girl, you can make a miniature of flower garden from the fruit. If your baby is a boy, you are able to make a miniature of some wild animal such as tiger or lion

Baby Shower Fruit Centerpiece

Baby Shower Fruit Centerpiece: Fruit Options

There are many fruits that you are able to choose for the centerpiece. You had better choose the fruits with different colors to make good presentation in the room. You can choose papaya, red grape, green grape, watermelon, melon, and kiwi. From those fruits, you can get green, red, orange, and violet. Those will make your baby shower fruit centerpiece beautiful

Games for Baby Shower for the Special Type of Games

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-09-05 07:27:07.

Games for baby shower are actually about the special type of games which the parents should really need to think about, when they have to hold the baby shower event. Therefore, it is really important for the parents to find out the special type of games for the baby shower which can also invite the guests, the relatives and acquaintance to play together and create the most beautiful moment during the baby shower time. So, just make sure that you take a look at the special game for the baby shower which can surely become the great idea for you.

Get to Know about the Games for Baby Shower

Actually, when you are about to get to know about the baby shower games, it is really important for you to realize that there will be many types of the games for baby shower which you can surely see such as the ‘mommy to be’ game, get the knowledge about baby game and many other types of the special games which you can surely need to try.

Find out the Special Games for Baby Shower

So, just make sure that you are really about to find out the special games for baby shower which can make all the guests happy, and don’t forget to provide the special prizes for all the winners of the games. Actually, the games are the best way to breaking the ice during the baby shower time, so it will turns into the fun situation.

Games for baby shower

Therefore, just make sure that your baby shower event is having the perfect arrangement, from the traditional ritual up to the food for all the guests, so you will have the beautiful baby shower time and all the guests will give their hopes and prayers for the new born baby. So, you should have to find out the special games for baby shower.

Baby Shower Games: Get the Ideas

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-21 17:48:53.

Baby shower games are the things that should be added in a baby shower party. It is because when you celebrate your happiness of expecting the baby, it is not only you that should be entertained, but also the guests. It is to make sure that the guests will have enough fun in the party you threw. There are many baby shower games party out there that you can choose. Keep in mind that because it is a baby shower, you should make sure that the games are in baby theme or closely related to it.

Baby Shower Games: Blindfolded Mother

One of the fun baby shower games is blindfolded mother. It is you as the mother that should be the main role in this game. You are supposed to be blindfolded. After that, the guest will approach you one by one carrying the baby things. You should guess what kind of thing carried. If your guess is correct, then you deserve the prize from the guests. The prize is the gifts that are actually meant to be given for you in your baby shower. Baby shower games should be like this, fun enough in baby theme.

Baby shower games

Baby Shower Games: Guess the Flavor

Another baby shower games that you should consider is guess the flavor. This time, it is your turn to let your guests guess. You should prepare several baby foods. Before that, make sure you have removed or covered the flavor written in the box.

Next, you should give one baby food to each guest and let them guess what kind of flavor the baby food they are holding. You should prepare the prize for those who are able to guess correctly. When it comes to the prizes, you can give them the baby shower favors. This will be one of the great baby shower games.

Cheap Birth Announcements and Considerations

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-07-12 16:31:44.

Cheap birth announcements can be made as creative as possible. There are many ideas that you can use for it. You are able to choose one of cheap birth announcements ideas that you think it is the most creative announcement for your family and friends. You must want to know about it a lot, right? Letting your friends and family know that your baby has been born is really necessary to do. So, they will make prayer and give bless for your baby. They will feel happy like what you feel in welcoming your baby. Here are two things as considerations to announce that happy news.

Cheap Birth Announcements: Wording

Wording is one of important things that you have to consider in making cheap birth announcements. To make it as cheap as possible, you had better to make the card by yourself. It is better than announcing by phone. Because by card is more formal than by phone, you need to arrange the wording as good as possible. Pay much attention to the addressees of the announcement to define the formal level of the card. You are also able to put some beautiful quotes to make it more meaningful.

Cheap Birth Announcements

Cheap Birth Announcements: Decorative Card

Besides the wording, you have to make the card as decorative as possible. In decorating the cards, you have to put informative things such as the gender of your baby. If you have named the baby, you are able to put the name there. You can also give the meaning of the name and reason why you take that name in your cheap birth announcements.

Having a baby is something wonderful and memorable. You need to share your happiness as new parents to people around such as your neighbors, friends, and family through the announcement. Making a good announcement does not mean that you have to spend much money. You can make cheap birth announcements by yourself.

Couple Baby Shower Invitations

December 29th, 2012

Originally posted 2012-06-26 11:38:59.

Who say that baby shower is only just for women? Baby shower is a happy family time, where all family members from your guests are welcome to celebrate your baby shower, this is including your friends husband and also their child. In this post, I will discuss more about couple’s baby shower invitations.

If your husband always help and support you for your throwing baby shower plan, and also keep his hand busy to prepare your baby shower festival, than you must realized that he want to be a part of your baby shower party, having this amazing moments together with you. This condition also happen when you send your baby shower invitation to all your friends and family member. Many couple when to join your baby shower time, so inviting only for women will make them disappointed because you are not welcome their couple. Inviting for couple is the save way to accommodate the willingness of your guest couple to come to your baby shower, so if you already send couples baby shower invitation, now this is up to your friends if they want to attend your baby shower alone or with her husband’s.

So now how to create couples baby shower invitation?

Actually creating couple baby shower invitation is just the same with other baby shower invitation, but you can add image or photo indicating that you invite it in couple, choose your wording carefully to state that you really invite your friends and her husband.

You can send two cards in the same envelope, one is your invitation card for women, and the other is from your couple invitation for all of your friend’s couples. This two invitation will encourage the couple to come to your baby shower party because your husband also invites their couple. If you alone send this invitation cards, even you ask couples to come to your party, maybe your friends couple choose not to come to your party because they think this is women’s time only. They will feel awkward to come to your party. The condition will be different if your husband also gives the special invitation for your friend’s couple; because they will think that your party will be have some place for man to do their activity.

If two invitation cards is just too much for you, you can use one cards with two wordings, one for your friends and the other is from your husband’s for your couple’s. Just say like “To Robert’s party for becoming his first time daddy!”. Make sure you also add your husband photo in your invitation cards. This couples baby shower invitations will encourage all husbands to join your baby shower!


Photo Couple Baby Shower Invitations

Photo Couple Baby Shower Invitations


Couple Photo Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Couple Photo Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

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