Sunday, July 14

Animal Baby Shower Favors

One of my visitors of this blog asking about animal baby shower gift ideas. I think choosing animal theme for your baby shower is a smart idea. Everybody loves animals, and they always happy when you give them animal themed baby shower favors, because they are cute and fun.
I already giving several animal baby showers favor ideas in my previous post about baby shower favors idea. But in this post I will give you more.
As you know I always give you suggestion to choose baby shower favors that last longer, useful and used frequently by your guest every day. This kind of favors will make your guests always remember your baby shower time every time they use or just look of your favor.
It doesn’t mean that you can wondering about other baby shower favors idea like candies, cakes, soaps or other kind of favors, because you know your guest better than anyone, and only you know what kind of favors that suit to guests .
Back again about animal baby shower ideas, here I will give you about three or four different type of animal baby shower ideas, I hope this favor samples will open your mind to think about animal themed favors.

Animal Baby Shower Favors Ideas Animal Candy Jar

Animal Baby Shower Favors Ideas Animal Candy Jar

Several Animal Baby Shower Favor Idea

My favorite animal favor idea is animal pepper or salt shaker. This cute favor will always used every day every time they spend their time enjoying their dinner in their home. This animal pepper or salt shaker will not only useful, but it also can make their dining table more beautiful.
My other favorite animal baby shower favor is animal card or photo holder. If you give this cute and beautiful card/photo holder, they will use it in their office desk to hold their family photo or important card. So they will also remember your baby shower time in their office.

Animal Baby Shower Favor IDeas Caterpillar Salt Pepper Shaker

Animal Baby Shower Favor Ideas Caterpillar Salt Pepper Shaker

Key chain baby shower favor also a great idea. Give them this favors, choose the cutest types to make sure they will use it to hang their house key. SO every time they go out or come home or use their car, they will remember you and your baby shower time!