Sunday, June 23

Cheap Baby Shower Ideas: Be Economist

Cheap baby shower ideas are actually easy to get. When you are broke or in a tight budget yet you have to host the baby shower, you should not worry since there are many ways that you can apply to be as economist as possible. Keep in mind that hosting a baby shower does not always have to cost you thousands of dollars. These ideas can be applied for both boys and girls baby shower. It means that you can get cheap baby shower ideas for girls as well as for boys. One thing for sure, if you want to get the cheap baby shower, it means that you have to do many works a bit harder.

Cheap Baby Shower Ideas: Cake and Foods

You should know that you can save much money if you make the cake by yourself instead of purchasing it in the bakery. If you want to have three tiered cake that is the classic choice, you can get three different pans of cake in various sizes. It may take times with the frosting. When it comes to foods, you can also make your own foods. You can plan your baby shower early in the afternoon and get finger foods served. Vegetables and fruit platter, finger sandwiches, salads, cracker and cheese patters are the best choice for cheap baby shower ideas in foods.

Cheap baby shower ideas

Cheap Baby Shower Ideas: Decorations

For cheap baby shower ideas and theme, you may want to choose the natural theme. Since balloon and crepe is a must, then you can have them in all over the room. Do not worry, those are cheap. In cheap baby shower ideas for decorations, you may pick the flowers from your own garden.

You can also borrow vases as many as possible to place those flowers in nature theme. You can also arrange the flowers in every corner of the room. Since there is no cost needed, you can also find this as the cheap baby shower ideas in decorations.