Sunday, June 23

Baby Shower Food Decorations: Get the Unique One

Baby shower food decorations are actually the unique and unusual theme that can make memorable baby shower for your best friend. Keep in mind that in baby shower, it is not the pregnant women that hold and throw the party, it is their best friends or sisters that are meant to do that. And you, as the sister or the best friend, should really make sure that you will get the great and memorable baby shower for your sister or best friend. Using food as theme is the great way to do that. You can choose the decoration idea based on one certain food or choose the food based on the decoration idea.

Baby Shower Food Decorations: Decorated Cake

Decorated cake can be one of the baby shower food decorations ideas. You can use white frosting to the white cake. After that, you can place that cake in the table completed with the icing tube. Next, you can let the other guests sign the cake with the writing icing cube through the baby shower. Last, you can serve that cake when the baby shower ends. Do not forget to take the pictures of the cake before it is cut to as the memorable baby shower food decorations.

Baby shower food decorations

Baby Shower Food Decorations: Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies can also be one of cute baby shower food decorations. First, you have to prepare the dough and roll it. Next, you can use the cutter of bib shaped cookie to get the shape. Or, you can also cut it in the oval shape and make the bib shape by cutting small circle in the oval shape. After that, you can bake it and decorate it. That can be the great baby shower food decorations.

In fact, there are many food decorations that you can choose. You just have to make sure that the foods that you serve are really proper, which means you really have the ability to serve it. It is to make sure that you have made great baby shower food decorations.