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Animals Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Animal baby shower decoration is a great choice. Animals are cute, innocent, natural and childhood, just like your expecting baby’s. So having animals baby shower theme is really good choice to welcome your baby. Special for animals baby shower theme, there are many ideas regarding to animals theme, you can get several specific animals baby shower theme here.

Safari animals baby shower theme is the common baby shower theme choose by most of expecting mothers. This is because this kind of animals are ready in every baby shower shops, in many baby and child toy shops, you can find it everywhere. You can add Elephants, Tigers, Zebras, lions and Monkeys.

Safari Animal Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Animal Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Farm animals baby shower theme. This theme is usually pick up for mother that live in the farm, or have a strong relation with farm world. Decorating your baby shower party with cute chicken hatch, funny duck, cow, owl, rabbit and sheep is really funny.

Another animals baby shower theme is marine animal theme. This theme could be uncommon, but for expecting mother who live in sea side area, this marine animals theme always fun. They can decorate their baby shower place by adding cute dolphin, whale and off course you must add Nemo the clown fish! If you want to give a girly touch there you can use cute and beautiful mermaid there!

Animals cartoon also a good idea. Every child love cartoon, decorating your baby shower place by cute Timmy Shaun The Sheep, Tom and Jerry, Garfield or Donald Duck and Friends will be very exciting.

If you want to create unique animals baby shower theme, I think bugs or funny insect animals baby shower is a good choice. You can use cute bee, lady bug, cute caterpillars and butterfly.

animial safari baby shower cake for boys

animial safari baby shower cake for boys

To add this animals, I think buying the big animal dolls and big animal balloons is the easiest way. But if you want to create homemade animals for your baby shower decorations, you can resemble animal by using small balloons and stick it together using double tapes, or by using your diapers and baby blankets and towels and also you can use paper and carton to create many cute animals.

Don’t forget to use animal printed plates, glasses, jar in your dining table to complete your animal baby shower decoration. Add animal shaped candies and cakes and also also give your guest animal themed baby shower favors to make them remember your unforgettable animals baby shower party.

OK, I hope this article will make you sprinkle with many ideas about animals baby shower decoration ideas!