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Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Originally posted 2012-06-18 10:29:04.

Every body that attending your baby shower will spend their time mostly in their chairs. They enjoying all your baby shower games, or other activities together in the same table. So decorating your table is something that you must consider. Having a good decorated table will make your guests exciting and enjoy your baby shower moments. Instead of just put all foods there that make your table have no space at all, you must consider to put just an important decorations there that make your table beautiful, still have some foods for your guests but also providing an empty space for your guest to enjoy your baby shower activity like writing their suggestion, participating in your baby shower games and off course to let your guest enjoy to communicate with other guests. Remember your table is not just for enjoying foods but all activities will be done in the same table. Your great baby shower table decoration is the key to make your baby shower more adorable.

Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Decorating your baby shower table is not always expensive. If you want to create cheap baby shower table decoration, there are many creative ideas that can create your table looks beautiful and even gala without spending to much money. You can use cute candles to create elegant baby shower, or if you do craft, you can create beautiful flower from streamers and paper puffs and you can also add your favors in the table. I like to add my favors in the table, usually  I will add different type of favors in the table an at the end of baby shower time I will ask the guest to take one or two  favors home. I bet my guests already choose their favorite favors in the first time they sit down, watch your beautiful baby shower table, and they already observe the  favors during your baby shower times.

Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas Garden

Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas Garden

My other favorite baby shower table decoration is putting a funny glass jar with unique stick candies pop out from the jar. It’s look adorable, and everybody love candies, they will always like the candies especially if you give a funny shape of candies. Oh, don’t forget to put confetti on your table. Confetti will make your table easily look colorful and create your table more themed. Choose confetti with funny printed decoration like baby feet, heart or other cute image.

Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas; Candies

Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas; Candiess

The lasting that I like to decorate my baby shower table is to add little baby shower centerpieces.  It could be a flowers, or beautiful handmade craft.


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  1. Ciera Rediger Says:

    Standard presents like little one image frames or photograph albums as christening presents are wonderful tips far too.

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