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Baby Shower Decoration Ideas: Make it Elegant

Originally posted 2012-07-10 14:47:32.

Baby shower decoration ideas can be chosen based on the gender of the baby. Since baby shower is commonly held in the last months of pregnancy, it means that you are supposed to know the gender of the baby. Actually, no matter what gender your baby is, you should make sure that the baby shower is as elegant as possible. It is because baby shower is only meant for first child only. It means that you will only have this once in a lifetime. That is why you should make it memorable for your guests. Keep in mind that the memorable baby shower does not have to be expensive.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for a Girl

The main thing that you should use in baby shower decoration ideas is balloon. It is because balloon is a must-have-item in a celebration. For a baby girl, then the balloon should be in a pink. You can also add roses in the room. The color of the roses that is suitable is white. It is because white can be matched perfectly with the pink balloon. The common theme in baby shower decoration ideas for a girl is princess. Yet, you can also choose butterflies, floral, or even flowers.

Baby shower decoration ideas

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for a Boy

When it comes to Baby shower decoration ideas for a boy, you can use baby blue balloon instead of pink. And you do not have to use roses. Instead, you can choose the plants that can be potted indoor. Or, you can also use the plastic plants that can be placed upon the table or in every corner of the room in baby shower decoration ideas.

You can also use the black and white photographs of you being pregnant and your husband. It will be awesome if you also add the baby pictures hanging in the wall. Make sure that you choose a theme as a starter. After that, the baby shower decoration ideas will come out easily.

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